You learn along the way

The first marathon you run, it’s about if you have what it takes. The following marathons, they are about how you’re going to do it.

Don’t be afraid to start, it gets better, easier then hard … and you learn along the way.

The current school system

A little rant today: If you’re going to have me write a 2-page essay in an English composition course, why not tell me a general idea of what to write about and let me find a topic that I am passionate about and write on that topic, instead of you giving me a topic that I have never heard of, that I will drag my feet doing the research and after writing about it, I will immediately forget what I wrote!
After all, It’s an English course, the goal is to have me learn how to write better in English not to learn how to write about uninteresting topics (to me).

The current school system is really out of whack!

Don’t wait

The people we love and care about won’t always be there, we need to cherish them, tell them how we feel about them and how much they mean to us. We need to do that now that we have a chance. Don’t wait!

Memento Mori

This is Latin for ‘remember that you’re going to die.’
Remembering that one day we are not going to be here, is a great way to leave everything on the playing field.
The goal is to leave it all behind.

Thank you, Diamond…

In one of the online classes I’m taking, we did this thing where one student said something positive they noticed about the other, and around we went…

When it was my turn, I had this lady named Diamond say some of the nice/positive things I have ever heard someone say to me and she wasn’t talking about the great things she saw me do or say because we actually never met (it’s an online class) she was more on the side of ‘keep going, there is more to come, there is another side I have yet to see if I put in the effort, and If I ever need help, I don’t have to be afraid to ask for it.’

Wow! Here is to the future and what it holds.

Along the way

Lately, I have been wondering why a person in a situation is behaving/responding differently than I would? Obviously, we are different hence different responses but I was more concerned about what it is about me that my first thought is ‘why is this person taking things this way?’…

Then, I realized the answer is in the question, of course, they take things differently than me, we have different experiences and we want different things. A useful question instead is, now that I’ve realized that, how do I help the other person get to where they want to go (not where I wish them to go)?


Self-efficacy is a set of beliefs that we hold about our ability to complete a particular task.

Believing in one’s own abilities can be vital in starting and finishing tasks and since self-efficacy is a belief, we can all learn it, we can all get better at believing in ourselves.


Success: the feeling of not being rushed. Doing things at your own pace, taking the time to understand the what, the why, the how and making a plan to get the results.

This is how I described success in a recent conversation with my wife and it still resonates.