Frank’s Blog : An other car emergency

2 weeks ago I took my car to the mechanic shop because the brake light came on and I knew my car had some brake problems before then but didn’t have the money to fix it right away.

So I called the mechanic, set up an appointment and good thing they didn’t have any time for me till couple days later. I told them I was fine with it, as long as my car gets fixed. I got there and realized I didn’t have an other car to drive while my car was in the shop. Asked the mechanic if there is anyway they can help out, he said ” nah, we can’t afford to have cars laying around waiting on people like you!”

Then I called my insurance, same thing. They said they only cover me and my car in an emergency, well or so I thought; it’s only during a car accident.

Now am wondering how are people like us supposed to get our cars fixed?