Frank’s Blog : Paying off Debt

I have been on this debt free journey and it’s been quite amazing. I dedicated myself to pay off all my debts before the end of 2019. I found this guy called Dave Ramsey and his principles and guidance on getting out of debt are on point. He has this thing called Baby Steps ( which I’m doing and happy to say that I’m on Baby Step 2):

1. Baby Step 1 : Save $1000 as a starter emergency fund

2. Baby Step 2 : Pay off all non mortgage debts using the debt snowball

3. Baby Step 3 : Fully fund your emergency fund ( 3 to 6 month of expenses )

4. Baby Step 4 : 15% of household income to retirement

5. Baby Step 5 : Fund college for kids

6. Baby Step 6 : Pay off your mortgage early

7. Baby Step 7 : Build wealth and give generously