Frank’s Blog : They don’t get it!

When you start succeeding, they don’t get it. do they? Well, they not supposed to. Because you are standing on a mountain of failures but them, they still on ground zero. So they can’t see far out as you do.

That’s why you tell them your goals and all they say is : hahah and you think you can do that? They hit you with all the reasons why you won’t make it. And when you do, they don’t have anywhere to hide so they criticize you. They starts saying you changed, like you worked that hard to stay the same. JayZ said it beautifully in his interview.

So if you hang around people with small or mediocre minds, you will have a problem getting to your goals not only because they will have a hard time understanding and cheering you on your journey, you will also have a hard time when you change, when you don’t do what you used to do.

I love this quote form Eleanor Roosevelt; Small minds discuss people, Mediocre minds discuss events and Great minds discuss events!