Frank’s Blog : The Bell Curve.

Do you remember people who used to say they will never use an iPhone, and now they have them!

This is explained well by the bell curve. In every innovation, this curve applies. There is always going to be people who gets it right away and they will stand in line for a whole night in cold weather, waiting for the new iPhone ( which they can get a week later for half the price). They are true fans and they believe in the product. These are called early adopters.

In the middle we have the mass, everybody else. These are the people who believe that people like us, do things like this. People like me, have a phone like this. Most of the time they want to send a message to their peer, to acquire high status. Like look over here, I bought a phone even though I can get it for less in a year but no, I have it now, because that’s the kind of person I am.

And the third kind of people are those called laggers. They will tell themselves and their peers, stories of why they can’t use the product. And some time they end up using the product because it the only way to perform the task or they will never use it just to prove the point.

So what does this mean to us?

It means you don’t have to find people to buy your product or your book,.. you first find people and then, you build something for them. Build your audience, a following first. Find fans first. Who will stay up late waiting for the new thing you are working on. Who will tell others about the work you do and how much you care.

As Kevin Kelly points out, all you need is 1000 true fans to support you, so you can keep making your art.

Find people who will miss you if you weren’t here tomorrow.