Frank’s Blog : Last Week working together!

Haley. A wonderful person. we both work for an audit team for Zimmer Biomet, an orthopedic company based in Warsaw IN. She is my team leader, very caring and energetic.

Sunday morning, we rode together, on our way to work, she told me this is her last audit. She got a better position at an other company. I’m telling you all this because I have only been on the audit team for only 4 weeks and I haven’t walked the courage to tell her how wonderful she is and how great she is going to do at the new company.

Haley, if you read this know that: you are one of few team leaders I enjoyed working with. you care about others and you are very encouraging, I will never forget the time I told I was going back to school and you said “that’s wonderful, go get it done, and I’m proud of you!” . As I like people who push me to do great things, I would like to do the same for you. Go get it done, be the best and keep being you! I wish you keep that same attitude, keep being very cool and hope everything works out with your new venture!