Frank’s Blog : On being a great father!

Last night, I was watching Shameless. In the last Episode of Season 9, one guy named Lip was scared because he was getting ready to be a father and he asked his Buddy, Kevin, ” how do you be a great father ?” Kevin said : It’s hard for them to turn out bad, if you just love them.

This made me take a second. As a father of a 15 months’ old, I’m not an expert on the subject nor am I a great father, but  if you love them;

enough to care about them!

enough to help them find the right path!

enough to be there when they need you!

enough to help them solve interesting problems!

enough to help them maximize their potential!

I believe every parent out there wants what’s best for their child and Kudos to everyone who’s doing everything they can to be there and love them!

LL : Great parenting is more about knowing when to let go and when to hold on!