Frank’s Blog : It’s not about the destination.

People always talk about how hard life is, really? life is hard?

Life is hard for people trying to live a perfect life, thinking they are failures if they don’t get that job, or buy that nice house they have always wanted, …

Life is hard for people born in that part of the world. They live in poor and hard conditions and surprisingly some of them never complain about where they are. They go about the business of enjoying where they are and trying to better themselves.

If you look at this video, clearly these kids don’t live in a great area, where their parents got everything figured out. It’s most likely they only eat one meal a day, and I say this because I have met kids like this.

It is less likely to stress about life if you view it as a blessing. Be grateful that you got an other chance to leave something behind, an other chance to go out and move some rocks, inspire someone, help someone in need,…

LL : Make sure you give it all you got. It is not about the destination, it’s more about the journey!