Frank’s Blog : Don’t be Normal

Don’t try to look like everyone else. Don’t try to say or act like everyone else. Because being normal sucks.

Normal is :

Most marriages end up in divorce. (Or most couples live in an unhealthy relationship)

78% of North American households, live paycheck to paycheck.

Most student will graduate with an average of $37,000 in student loans.

Being afraid of what people think and say about you.

Walking around with no goals.

Thank God it’s Friday, oh God it’s Monday.

Driving a car you can’t afford to impress people you don’t really know.

Dwelling on the past and no hope for the future.

Not telling your spouse how much you care and love them.

Arguing all the time just to prove you are right.

Complaining about your situation and never do anything to improve it.

LL : Don’t be normal. Be weird!