Frank’s Blog : Race to the top

Instead of trying to sell to everyone, what if you sold only to your smallest viable customers?

All you need is a 1000 true fans to love and support you, fans that can’t wait for your art, fans that will buy anything and everything made by you.

If you had a 1000 true fans, they will help you make a living while you are helping them get what they want, which is your authentic art, your true self.

True fans don’t want you to make something for everyone, just make something for them.

Don’t try to sing a song that is loved by everyone, don’t try to make a car that everyone wants to drive, don’t try to have a Blog that everyone has to follow, no that is a race to the bottom, instead sing a song that only your fans wants to hear, write a blog that only the people who already follow you wants to read.

The magic is not in how many people you reach, it’s in how much lives you changed.

And this, is a race to the top!