Frank’s Blog : What are you grateful for

Today marks 5 years since I moved in the US. A lot have happened since, mostly great things,.. I got married to my wonderful wife, We had a son and we have one on the way!

I’m also grateful for all the things that went south. They taught me a lot as a person, as a partner, as a friend and as a family member.

It’s that time of the year where everyone is reflecting on what they are grateful for.

For me, am grateful for :

The steps I took in my faith walk.

My little family (Valerie, Evaan and a little one on the way).

My parents and my siblings.

My dearest friend and cousin who lives in India.

My wonderful closest friends

And all of you who take their time everyday to read this blog. It’s a huge honor and a great responsibility.

I wish all of you wonderful holidays, well it’s getting there 🙂 , enjoy your family, the food, the vibe and mostly remember those who don’t have what you have right now and keep them in your prayers.

Have a happy and wonderful Thanksgiving!