Frank’s Blog : Why it’s important to choose from being an entrepreneur or a freelancer

Once you start a business, the cheapest person you can hire to do the work is you.

So every time you need something done as soon as possible, you hire yourself and you do the work for free. And now you’re neither an entrepreneur nor a freelancer, you just own a lousy job, that doesn’t pay much.

Now there is no one spending time to bring in new clients, to look for new businesses. And the end result of this, is failure.

But if you know head on that you are an entrepreneur, you already know your job is not doing the work, it’s hiring smart people to do the work while you run the business.

And if you know you’re a freelancer, your job is to do your best work for your best clients. You will do better work because you care about it and the people you’re doing it for. And you’ll do it for better clients because they pay more, they bring more better clients, because they talk about you and your services.

It’s up to you to make the choice. And not choosing either one of these is also a choice. The question is, where will you end up with the choice you made ?