Frank’s Blog : Coincidence. A reply to my blog post from Seth Godin

I usually don’t believe in coincidence, but yesterday I had to.

On January 21st, I posted this post about how everyone is doing their best, and when I went in my email inbox, I found a blog post from Seth Godin. He wrote it on January 20th.

I feel like it’s a response to my blog in a different way and I admire his way of thinking.

Here is part of Seth Godin’s post.

Everyone is doing their best 

What if that’s not actually true? Perhaps it’s more useful to consider that in every moment, on every project, no one is actually doing their best.

Because there’s always a need to hold a little bit in reserve.

Because there are always competing priorities.

Because everyone has a noise in their head.

Because there’s fear, a hundred kinds of fear.

Because no one has actually done the lopsided work of 100% preparation and commitment, not for this precise moment.

I’m not doing my best and neither are you. Because we’re not optimized algorithms, we’re people.

Okay, now that we can see that no one is doing their best, what are our options?