Frank’s Blog : Meaningful conversations

I’m really bad at small talk and I hate it.

I don’t see any reason why anyone would enjoy running into someone and talking about things you don’t really want to know, and you don’t care about.

When a coworker says : Hey, how are you?

I wonder if they really want to know how you are, or if it’s just a formality, something engraved in them since they were a child, a way to send a signal that they are friendly and that they want no harm for/to us.

In any case, asking someone how they are, is not a bad idea if we know that we are doing it to send a signal. But it’s worthless because we don’t really care about the answer.

What would happen if we cared? If someone said they are fine and we really cared enough to know if they are saying it because they are just saying it, or if they really are fine?

How about we avoid small talks and start connecting through meaningful conversation?