Frank’s Blog : Love your accent

For years, I tried to learn how to speak the English language as Americans.

I tried so hard to learn their accent and I couldn’t. In fact, mine got worse and worse, to the point where I speak to someone and I have to repeat myself so they could here me.

Recently I heard Arnold Schwarzenegger on The Tim Ferris Show, and he explained how you never want to lose your accent. It’s a gift to have an accent, it’s a way people pay attention and are involved in a conversation either because they want to hear your point of view or how you put it into words.

The only caviar is, say things slowly, take your time, that way you think about what you’re saying and that way the other person understands what you’re saying.

It’s okay to go slow and be heard than to go fast and keep repeating yourself.

Your accent is perfectly fine.

Take your time, think about what you’re saying and enjoy the conversation.