Frank’s Blog : If I Was CEO, I Would Implement A No Gossip Policy

Gossiping is one of many things that keeps most companies from being great companies.

Gossiping is anytime, anyone in the company is talking to their coworker/s about a situation that their coworker/s can’t fix.

My policy would sound like this :

All negative comments goes up (to your leader), and only positive comments goes across and down (to your coworkers and to the people you lead).

Here is the problem with gossiping :

Employees don’t feel safe because they are always looking at their shoulder, thinking that their coworkers are talking about them or behind their back.

Leaders also don’t feel safe because to get to be a manager in a big corporation, the only question you ask yourself is not how will this improve the company and the people I’m supposed to lead, but all they think about is “will this get me fired?” Or is this what the company needs?

If I became CEO of a big corporation, I’ll put in place a no gossip policy.

All complaints any employee has, goes to their boss. And if anyone hears you gossiping, I would fire your butt.

This is part one of a series I’m doing about what I would change if I was CEO of a company.