Frank’s Blog : If I Was CEO, I Would Have An Extensive Lengthy Hiring Process

I believe most companies get this backwards.

“Hire slow, fire fast. ”

Most companies hire fast and fire slow, because they don’t really know who they are hiring, what’s the best position to put her in according to her dreams and vision.

Hiring someone is like getting married to them. You don’t want to rush it. You want to take your time and know them a little better.

Here are what would be my guidelines :

  • Applying to any position, you would have to go through 8 to 10 interviews with different leaders you’re going to be working with.
  • Applying for any leadership position, you would have to go through 12 to 15 interviews.
  • And the last interview for any position would be a spousal interview. Where you and your spouse will have dinner with your leader and her/his spouse. And you can find out a lot about the person, by watching how they speak to their spouse, the waiter, how their spouse talks about them, how they tip (if they are generous people or not).
  • Throughout the whole interview process, I would find out where the person wants to go, if the company is the right bus to take them there and find them the right seat on the bus.
  • I would ask them their budget, to know if what the position they are applying for pays, is enough. And this is not a way to get up in their grill, it’s just that when people work for you and they have to much month left at the end of their budget, they are not eager to come to work, because they don’t have enough food at home, or they are always stressed out because they have a lot unpaid bills and that’s not the kind of person I want working for me.

I believe these are all critical and necessary things to know before you hire someone and if you think you wouldn’t go through the process or that it’s to much, that’s great. Then we wouldn’t be a good fit for you.

Most people would self select out of the process and most people would not be able to hide their true self for all those interviews and finally we would know if they are a good fit for us or if we are a good fit for them.

This is part Three of a series I’m doing about what I would change if I was CEO of a company.

If you missed it, here is Part One and Part Two.

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