Frank’s Blog : If You’re Standing On Your Head, Don’t Complain That The Rest Of The World Is Upside-down.

To many times that we tend to take everything that is not working out as we expected to, and blame it on everything else other than us.

like if your business isn’t doing well, it’s the customers’ fault, the suppliers didn’t get here on time, the market isn’t just ready for this, my employees don’t care,…

If your marriage is struggling, it’s your spouse’s fault, or something else,…

The moment we take control of our life, and understand that the problem is not anyone else but me, then we can have what we want, then we can achieve that thing we always wanted to achieve.

Does stuff happen that is outside of our control, of course, there is always wars, famines, abuses, floods, a lot of isms,…

But we don’t control all those things. The only thing you can control is YOU and how you respond to the uncontrollable. The problem isn’t what happen to us but how we respond to it.

Remember : ” Just because you’re standing on your head, doesn’t mean the rest of the world is upside-down”

And this translate into so many areas of our life too, just because you think this way, doesn’t mean we all have to, or because you’re winning in your marriage doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Stay humble, hungry and be a learner. Every moment and everything that happens to us is here to teach us something.