Frank’s Blog : Getting Proven Wrong, (If We Look For It) Makes Us Better.

If you believe something to be true, what would it take for you to change your mind ?

What would it take for you to say ‘yes I’m wrong and you’re right. Your thing is better than mine.

This is how engineers think.

If I’m an engineer, and I make a plan to build a bridge, and an other engineer proves and shows me how my bridge isn’t going to hold the weight I think it’s going to, then I don’t say “you don’t like my bridge, thus you don’t like me so we have a problem now.” Instead what I say is ‘thank you for this, you are right and let’s make these changes.’

Now ask yourself this question ‘ what would it take you to change your mind? ‘

If you believe that planet earth is flat, what tests do you need? Do you want to go in a spaceship and ride around the earth for you to see it? What would it take?

I find this engineer mindset quite fascinating. The way they keep searching for someone to prove them wrong, which ultimately makes them better.