Frank’s Blog : 4 Types Of Meetings.

Great EntreLeadership Podcast episode with Patrick Lencioni, where he described: 4 types of meetings every team needs to have.

1. Daily short meetings. (not more than 5 minutes)

We go around the room and everyone talks about, in a few words, what they will be working on that day. We are not solving any problem, we are not taking a vote on something or brainstorming.

2. Weekly meetings/Tactical meetings. (1hr to 2hrs)

We talk about our goals, how we are doing on our numbers, the issues we are having and we tackle these issues to the ground.

3. Big issue meetings (2hrs)

We bring in pizza and beer and we only talk about this one issue until it’s solved. We are going to argue, debate until the issue is solved.

4. Every few months we get off the site and ask ourselves, are we getting along well? Are we focused on the right thing?