Frank’s Blog : Are You Being Generous?

Where are you being generous?

Completely generous, selfless so that an organization or a person you care about is changed for the better, and can you do that again and again and again?

Are you generous in your relationship with your wife/husband? is it with your kids? is it with the book you’re writing, the homeless person sitting across from your house, the kids in the street with no food to eat, the student you teach, the people you lead, when you talk on the phone, maybe you are mentoring someone, where you work,…

The key part is ‘can you do it again and again and again’, if you can’t do it multiple times, you’re not being generous, no one will miss you.

Where are you being generous? Who will miss you when you’re gone?

Wrestle with this question, because part of the reason I’m here, I believe for me it’s not to do all those things I want to do, it’s not to achieve all the things I want to achieve, for me it’s to have those people who will say “we want more of him” because I made a difference in their life.

Who are those people for you?