Frank’s Blog : Would You Take These Odds On Marriage?

“If you lived long enough to be married for 40 years, and 8 or 10 years of those turns out to be bad, wouldn’t you take those odds?”

Michelle Obama said on the SuperSoul Conversation Podcast with Oprah.

And she went on saying :

” Marriage is hard, raising a family together is hard, it takes a toll but if you are with a person, and you know why you are together, if you understand that there is a friendship and a foundation there, it may feel like it goes away during some of those hard times, but it’s something that you always come back to, you come back to the point where you see each other again because you just came from a time where you escaped it. ”

Cheers to those thinking about getting married and to those who have been married long enough to understand what Michelle is saying here.