Frank’s Blog : The Story of Bill Gates And The Newspaper Vendor.

Someone asked Bill Gates ( the richest man in the world at the time), ” is there someone richer than you? ”

Gates said : ” Yes, there is. ” And he went on to tell this story:

One day I was waiting on my flight, then I went to buy a newspaper to this guy who was selling them, after I grabbed the newspaper, I looked for a change in my wallet, I couldn’t find it. Then the guy said to me, it’s okay you can take it.

Couple months later, Gates flew into that same airport and when he went to buy a newspaper,  the same guy was selling them and the same thing happened. After he grabbed the newspaper, he couldn’t find any change in his wallet. Then the guy told him, it’s okay you can take it. Gates said no no, not again, you gave it to me last time for free, I can’t take it again. The guy replied, yes you can take it, I’ll deduct it from my profit, it’s not a loss to me, just take it. And Gates went on his way.

Couple years later, after Bill Gates became who he is now, with the fame and all the money in the world, he remembered this newspaper guy. He tracked him down, and after a month and half, he found the guy, and he asked him:

Gates : do you know who I am?

News paper guy : yes I do, you are Bill Gates.

Gates : do you remember me, giving me newspapers for free?

News paper guy : yes I do.

Gates: I want to repay for what you did for me back then. Name something that you want and I’ll fulfill it.

News paper guy : no, I cant.

Gates : why?

News paper guy : it’s not the same.

Gates : how do you mean?

News paper guy : when I helped you, I didn’t have anything. Yet I did. You want to repay me now, when you have everything! It’s not the same.

That’s when Bill Gates knew it’s far more great to have a rich heart than a lot of money.

Here is to that!