Frank’s Blog : We All Want Different Things.

It’s good when you only have 2 or 5 people who wants what you have to offer.

Actually it’s great.

When you start something, the goal is not to have a lot of people who want what you have, it shouldn’t anyways. The goal should be to serve just a few people.

Because if you can’t delight 5 or 10 people, what makes you think you will delight a 1000 or a million people ? It doesn’t get easier!

So when you start something, a Blog, a side hustle, a company, when you get a job or looking for one, don’t set your goal as to do everything for everyone who needs you. No, you can’t and it’s a race to the bottom. There is no way you can serve everyone with what they need or want, well no one has ever done it before. And the reason is simple, no one can.

Someone might want a pizza that’s average but fast, so he goes to the local pizza place. The person next to you might want an amazing pizza, and she don’t care how long it takes, so she goes to that particular pizza place. that’s why you see a long line at some pizza place, these people can wait for over 2 – 3 hours, even days just to get a taste of that pizza, because they know and trust whoever that’s making them.

So if you are in a hurry, go over there but if you want quality, something great, that’s going to change your life, come here.

We all want different things.

Focus on a small viable audience, on a few viable customers, delight them, and those people won’t help but tell the others.