Frank’s Blog : Will It Work?

If you’re starting something like  a business, a project, we tend to ask ourselves this question : Will it work?

And we shouldn’t ask ourselves that question. Because we don’t know if it’s going to work or not. We can tell you how you can make it better, how we might want it for us, but we don’t know the answer to that question and you don’t know either.

Here is what we know for sure, starting a business is like being an architect. You get to decide what land you gonna put it on, you get to decide how many windows you gonna have, and you get to decide what you gonna build it out of. You get to decide whether you want to be on board walk, or Mediterranean. You get to decide whether you gonna invest 5 houses and then owe the bank, or if you gonna bootstrap the whole thing.

It’s completely up to you. So if the deck is stacked against the business that you want to build, know that going in. Because you don’t have to do the business that you’re going to do.

The project is up to you!

Great words of wisdom from Seth Godin, my mentor, on his podcast called Startup School.