Frank’s Blog : We Are Wired To Survive, Not Succeed.

Years and years ago it was a good thing to be a pessimist, it kept you alive.  They couldn’t explore anything new so they didn’t, because it could get you killed. If they ate this kind of mushrooms, everyone knew and no one tried the other ones. If they hunt in this area, you can’t go in that other area, because you would get eaten.

Being an optimist wasn’t popular, because most of those who were, didn’t survive. So doing the same thing as what you did yesterday or a year ago, was the right thing to do. Being afraid of the unknown was necessary and required if you wanted to survive.

But (and this is a huge but), we don’t live in those times anymore, we don’t need to be pessimists even though it’s our given, it’s deeply embedded in us because it kept us alive for all these years. Let’s take our power back, let’s have a vision, let’s set goals and work hard to get there. Let’s have hope, let’s be the light for those who needs us, let’s be who we were created to be, let’s do and be the thing we’ve always wanted to do and be.

Let’s succeed instead of surviving!

There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not a coming train.


“Positive thinking will not get you everything in life. But it will let you do everything far better than negative thinking will.”

∼ Zig Ziglar