Frank’s Blog : You Control Your Attitude.

Some people are like this: Poor me! I never seem to get anything right. Every time I do something it’s a mess. People always leave me. I never have enough money and even the little I have I don’t know where it went. Look, I was about to go outside and here comes the rain! Oh poor me. People like us are always tired. I always feel sick. I don’t feel like I have anywhere else to go. I can’t do that. No one ever wants to help me, ….

And some people are like this: I’ve got this. Every time I fail, I love it. I’m always learning. People are always there for me. I can always ask for help if I don’t know something or if I need something. Money is my friend, although I don’t have enough, I know it’s coming. People like me always succeed. I work hard until I get what I want. Let’s get this done, …

You control your attitude. The things you say to yourself and to others matter, and most importantly how you say those things matter most. It doesn’t matter if you’re sick, or didn’t get enough sleep last night or ….! The attitude you have is completely up to you.

There are physically healthy people with a bad attitude and there are sick people with a great attitude!

The way you go about your day is up to you.