Frank’s Blog : The Cost Of Leadership

Being a leader is hard. Not because those who lead are somehow special or have special skills, it’s hard because there is a cost to it.

Being a leader is lonely. Everyone sees you as the one where the buck stops. There is no one equal to you, you’re just at the very top of the pyramid.

Being a leader sometimes means you can’t share everything. Of course you can’t. Some days you feel like you’ve had enough. Some days you feel like you don’t want to go to work. Some days you’re just tired. But people follow you, because you get to keep showing up even on days you don’t want to.

Why? Because your mission is bigger than you.

Being a leader is different than being a boss. Bosses push and leaders pull.

Being a leader means you get to be vulnerable, because the thing you’re passionate about, might not work. Yet, you keep going in spite of fear and all failures you encounter.

P.S : Being a leader is lonely but you don’t have to do it alone. Find some coaches, people who are 5 years ahead of you and seek their guidance. Start a master mind group. Find some cheerleader to cheer you on.