Frank’s Blog : The System Has Failed

The system we build for education no longer works.

The system was put in place to teach people how to be in line, to obey your leader and to memorize things. We don’t need to be like that anymore, there isn’t much you can do in this world with this system. Why memorize a Math equation that you only see in Math books and will never use! People who do things and win at them, they all go outside the norm, outside the box.

There is no such thing as go to school, excel at everything, get a certificate or diploma, find a safe, secure job, work there for 40 years and retire. One day, the company Ford laid off 20,000 people. These people thought they had a nice job, a permanent job, a secure job. You can’t possibly think that safe is working for a company and being loyal to them for 40 years. That’s not security.

Since there is no security in any job, how about you do what it is you were created to do? What’s your gift to the people and to the world? Is it starting your own thing? Is it being a teacher that sees people as who they are and meet them where they are? Is it being a stellar stay at home mom who raises kids who will contribute to the society? Is it selling things that you believe in?

Do work that matters, and do it with care and compassion. And put a smile on your face for God sake!