Frank’s Blog : Merely Ship It

We get hung up on perfection. We wait for the thing we are doing to be perfect before we put it into the world. This never works and You will keep waiting for ever for it to be perfect.

Merely ship it. 

Merely ship it, doesn’t mean ship junk. It doesn’t mean ship stuff that you know to be inferior; it means ship it without discussion or drama or anxiety. Discussion, drama or anxiety don’t increase the quality of the work.

Merely ship it because you’re focused on the work and on the person the work is for.

If we are going to be generous, it means we ship the work. Saturday Night Live doesn’t go on because they are ready but because it’s 11:30. Tomorrow morning, I won’t publish a post because it’s perfect but because it’s tomorrow morning.

Putting work in the world is the only way to find out what the world needs and wants from your work. You can work on it for ever, but you will never find out what the world needs from you.