Frank’s Blog : I Promise You, I Will Hurt You!

If you have a spouse or a significant other; tonight, make a promise to them that you will hurt them. Why? Because you will.

There is no way 2 people from different families, cultures, beliefs won’t hurt each other. If you have a sibling you know how it is, they do something that you completely think is insane or stupid or crazy. If your sibling, the one you grew up with, raised by the same parents, same community, if you’re that different from your own sibling, imagine how different you are to your significant other.

There are a lot things your spouse or you, will do and it’s going to hurt. Maybe the way you talk to them when something happens, maybe the way you act around something,… something about you is going to upset or even hurt them.

It helps to remember this and be at a level you realize it; and say I’m sorry I hurt you, so you can move forward.

Don’t let tonight pass without making that promise :>

Here is to a great weekend!