Frank’s Blog : Five Mistakes We Make When Complaining

Great articles by Guy Winch who wrote an amazing book called The Squeaky Wheel. In this article he elaborate on the mistakes we make, and how to complain better. Here are the 5 mistakes:

  • We don’t think through what we want to achieve
  • We allow anger to distract from our message
  • We include more than one complaint at a time
  • We don’t complain to the right person
  • We think venting makes us feel better

All of these make sense to me but I love the last two, because it’s something I do a lot. Either I complain to the wrong person where I would talk to my wife about what someone at work did or tell my friend what my wife did; or I sometimes think venting will make me feel better and I end up getting a responses I wasn’t expecting from the person I’m venting to, they start telling me how they had it worse or how it could been worse, that Should be thankful, ‘well not what I was looking for’. This article gave me a new perspective on how to complain better.

I enjoyed the article on these 5 mistakes and if you want to read it, you can find it here.