Frank’s Blog : How Are You Doing?

I haven’t gone to church in a long time. Since my daughter was born, she is 4 months now, I haven’t had a chance to go back to church, one of my favorite place to be. One reason is, because of the corona virus shutdown, the church had to close down for a while. The other reason is having 2 children, 2 years and under doesn’t help either, by the time weekend comes and we manage to get them to sleep, I’m exhausted and I feel like passing out. When morning comes, by just thinking about getting out of bed and all the things I have to do that day, I feel overwhelmed and I just want to stay in bed. This explains why I gained a few pounds over the past couple months, just a few pounds though!

So this past Sunday, I worked up the courage to attend church using an online live feed, it wasn’t quite like being there but it was better than staying in bed all day watching Billions.

While I was enjoying the worship songs and seeing people’s faces all happy to be there and praising God, here comes my pastor and he starts reading the bible, then he pause a little and asked us this question: How are you doing? Are you okay? With everything going on around you, all things that are coming and going, all the hurricanes, all emails and text messages and phone calls, all news about Corona Virus,all news about black people getting killed, all news about Black lives Matter protests around the world, all friends and family who are sick and or dealing with some really hard issues, with everything going on around you, are you okay? Are you really doing okay? How are you doing?

I almost said “I’m doing fine, thank you so much for asking, how are you doing?” Then I tapped on the breaks, and I let that question sink in, and as I’m tempting to answer it, I found out that I didn’t know how to answer it, and I still don’t know the answer to that question. I feel great, I feel okay, but am I really doing okay? With everything that’s going on, I would be some kind of robot if I was.

It feels great to wake up every morning and we get caught up in our everyday to do list, and we forget to take the time to ask ourselves this simple question: How am I doing? Am I okay? Really, am I doing okay?

So I turn this question to you: How are you doing? Are you doing okay? With everything going on in your life, are you really doing okay? How is your soul? Is everything okay? As my pastor said, I don’t want to know the answer to these questions but really, how are you doing?