Frank’s Blog : I Can’t Stand Still For 3 Minutes

I like to drink hot stuff in the morning when I wake up. Usually I make hot milk and occasionally I drink tea.

In the beginning of this ritual I found myself not being able to stand still for 3 – 5 min waiting on water to boil, I will always find myself doing something: getting my cup ready, getting the sugar ready, getting my bagel toasted, … Then I thought to myself, now how can I say I’m a calm man with patience if I can’t even stand for 3 min and just watch the water boil, so I challenged my self.

I’m surprised to tell you that I still can’t do it. I still struggle with the idea of standing for 3 min and just stare at a small pot of water. But I’m not giving up!

Hopefully with mastering to stand still for 3 minutes and just do nothing, I will be on my way to be able sit on a bench for 30 minutes and just do nothing (which I want to try one day).

To more patience and stillness!