Frank’s Blog : Truths About Change

Two truths about people and how they change:

1. People can change.

2. You can’t change them.

Helpful Tips:

  1. Put massive amounts of effort into changing yourself. Personal growth offers the best return on effort you will ever experience.
  2. Put zero energy into trying to change someone who doesn’t want it. Don’t throw your pearls after swine.
  3. Look for people who are hungry for growth and invest your time with them.
  4. Stay open minded. Eventually those who do not have the desire to change may become inspired by your growth and surprise you with a new attitude.
  5. Be compassionate toward everyone…even those who are stubborn and refuse to change. Their stubbornness is likely a survival strategy helping them cope with hurt you may never know about.

H/T to Daniel Tardy for posting this on his Instagram page.