Frank’s Blog : Good Days In Retrospect

It’s hard to tell if you’re having a good day in the moment. It’s often in retrospect that we say, oh that was a great day.

Let me give you an example; 4 weeks ago, I used to come home dying to know what my wife cooked that day. I don’t take lunch to work and as you can imagine, by the end of the day I’m really hungry. I used to get home, go straight in the kitchen and taste everything that she cooked that day.

3 weeks ago things changed, as I posted before, the muscle in my bottom right jaw decided to swell to the point I couldn’t open my mouth or be able to chew, it’s gotten a lot better but still I can’t open my mouth wide enough to be able to eat anything good. (good things like a burger, or a nice juicy chicken thigh or a wonderful bagel and butter in the morning,…)

Now you can imagine getting home all hungry and just heating up some cold soup I left last night! Not fun!

In retrospect, I never thought of how grateful I am to just be able to eat. Being able to laugh as hard as I wanted, being able to yawn and not even think about it.

It’s the same as our daily life. We go through the day busy with everything that’s going on and it’s not until something bad happens or we get a shock in our system that we realize that those days we felt like nothing was moving, nothing was happening, those were the good days. In fact, we wish we could go back to those days!

I hope you stop, take a moment and realize that today might be an amazing day with everything that is going on!