Betting you and your family’s life on one man!

On Tuesday I had a conversation with Jack, a friend of mine, where he told me something I knew but I couldn’t have been able to explain better than he did.

He said: being employed is like putting you and your family’s life in one person’s hand. This person can, at any time they want to or have to, open their arms and you will just fall of. This person is the one controlling whether you and your family eat next week, pay rent, have medical insurance,….

This resonated a lot.

It’s not wise to bet your family’s life and well being on one man!

And as someone who is trying to leave this road of working for other people, it also gave me a new set of lenses to look through: the employer side. If you end up working for yourself, you might hire people to work for and with you; and then, you will be the one holding other people’s life in your hands. With the decisions you make, with how you conduct yourself and your business,… it’s not to take for granted, it’s a huge responsibility!