5-Frank Points Friday

Hi All!

Here is your weekly dose of “5-Frank Points Friday,” a list of what I’m pondering and exploring.

What I’m re-reading –

It might not be for you

If you walk into a noisy bar and ask why they don’t have Chopin on the jukebox, they’re unlikely to accommodate you.

The same is true if you go to a BBQ joint and insist on sushi.

Most of the brands we truly care about stand for something. And the thing they stand for is unlikely to be, “whatever you want, we have it.” It’s also unlikely to be, “you can choose anyone and we’re anyone.”

A meaningful specific can’t possibly please everyone. That’s the deal.

This is a Seth Godin‘s post. And for me it reminds me that when starting or running a business, you can’t be for everyone, you have to stand for something and there are many people who won’t get the joke but those few who will, they are all that matters!

What I enjoyed watching –

Balto – It’s a 1995 film based on a true story about a dog of the same name who in 1925 helped save children infected with diphtheria in Alaska by leading a team of sled dogs on a run to get antitoxin from Nenana, Alaska to Nome, Alaska (600 miles between them). The movie was fantastic and I didn’t know it was a true story until the end and that’s when it hit me on how much love, dogs might have for us and it made the movie more epic!

Great Fashion Show I just watched last night –

Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 1 – Savage X Fenty is a lingerie line founded by Rihanna in 2018 and I was watching their first fashion show which took place in New York in 2019 and it was amazing. The care that went into it, the hard work, the inclusivity, great models and the energy in the room were all on point. As this being my first fashion show to watch, it blew my mind; I don’t know if it’s because I’m already a huge fan of Rihanna, if it was a great show or if it’s both. This made me more of a fan!

What I’m thinking –

No such thing as life-balance. You will always have more things to do than you can ever attend to and that’s where so many of us just give up and only do what feels good in the moment. But we need to make sure the important things get done before everything else. One way that might be helpful is to ask yourself this question: ‘what’s one thing that I can do that will make today a success?’ and if you do that one thing everyday, you know where this is going, you end up having and being more of what you want!

Quote I’m pondering –

“Many people lose the small joys, in the hope for the big happiness.”

Pearl S. Buck

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Have a wonderful weekend, all.

Much love to you and yours,