5-Frank Points Friday

Hi All!

Here is your weekly dose of “5-Frank Points Friday,” a list of what I’m pondering and exploring.

What I was pumped about over the last weekend

Rwanda vs Malawi Soccer game. It was a huge honor to get to play for my birth country, Rwanda. We ended up losing 3-2 and rightfully so. We never trained together and we got tired really fast but it was a good, peaceful game [but I guess that’s what one says when they loose 🙂 ]. Personally, I was so pumped and happy to see my friends and brothers, to play together, to have a drink together, to talk about life and so much more… It was a huge blessing and I had fun.

What I’m listening to

Castle On The Hill by Ed Sheeran – (@Ed Sheeran). This song gets me when he starts singing these words:

One friend left to sell clothes
One works down by the coast
One had two kids but lives alone
One’s brother overdosed
One’s already on his second wife
One’s just barely getting by
But these people raised me
And I can’t wait to go home

I always see myself and the people I grew up with in these words and the song truly takes me back to the old days. I can’t wait to go home!

Podcast I enjoyed listening to

The Tim Ferris Show episode #473 with Naval Ravikant (@naval). Here is a small excerpt of what he said in this episode: “Proper examination should ruin the life that you’re currently living. It should cause you to leave relationships. It should cause you to reestablish boundaries with family members and with colleagues. It should cause you to quit your job. . . . If it doesn’t do that, it’s not real examination. If it doesn’t come attached with destruction of your current life, then you can’t create the new life in which you will not have the anxiety.

A really great listen with simple and deep nuggets!

What I’m thinking –

Yesterday, Rohan posted on his blog called A Learning A Day, something simple yet powerful:

Improvement feedback and doing the opposite

A lot of improvement feedback boils down to a version of –

1) Do the opposite of what you naturally end up overdoing.

2) Then, find the right balance depending on the context over time.

Simple yet powerful!

Quote I’m pondering –

“Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you.”

Gayle Forman in If I stay

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Have a wonderful weekend, all.

Much love to you and yours,