She is a person too.

That person who is challenging, hard to get a long with, demanding, jealous, not easy to work with,… is a person. She knows what she knows, she believes what she believes, she wants what she wants and it’s different from what you know, what you believe and what you want; and if you’re gonna work with her, that has to be okay.
If it’s not okay, if it’s completely using you up, don’t work there. By all means, your day, your week, your month is too valuable to give up, if you’re gonna take it personally.
But if you realize that she doesn’t see what you see or want what you want and that’s okay, you have figured out that you work with someone who you can manage as much as she is managing you.
Are you willing to give her what she wants in exchange for all other things that you get?

This is also true in friendship, church members, family (not for married couples though) and other relationships . . .