What people think of you matters.

Of course it does. Try to walk naked in the streets and see what happens. Don’t brush your teeth for a month and see what people say to you. Be a jerk (or real) to people and see if you have anyone around you. What people think of you should matter to you.

Now the question is, which people should be able to speak into your life? which ones should have a say in your everyday life? You get to choose who they are. Probably not your mother in-law (for most people anyways) but definitely your spouse, and everyone else you choose.

These are the people who will say; ‘hey take down that picture you just posted, that’s not who you are or who you want to be’ and you will take down the picture before asking them what they mean. These are the people who will cheer you on when you’re doing something incredible, get promotion, start a business,.. they will also chew your butt for not doing what you said you will do, when you starting to cut corners,…

If other people’s thoughts of you matter, why not choose those whose voice you will hear, those to speak into your life? And it’s easier if you have a list of these people before hand and if these people also know the journey you’re on and their role in that journey!