5-Frank Points Friday

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Here is your weekly dose of “5-Frank Points Friday,” a list of what I’m pondering and exploring.

Cute Instagram videos of Intore dance from Rwanda –

Video 1, Video 2, Video 3. All of these videos are on Munyaneza Landry’s Instagram page which I found last night and thought I would share them with you.
The Intore dance is the most famous and longest established in Rwanda. Intore dancers perform a three component routine, which includes drums, the ballet performance by women and the dance of heroes by men. I hope you enjoy those videos.

Cool Instagram page I found

NWE(@nweworldwide) – An Instagram page that highlights African culture and it’s beauty. Check it out and you will see what I mean.

A funny and short podcast I enjoyed listening to –

Clover does a corn maze (Apple Podcast) – Jose Bolanos (@hilariousjose), one of my favorite Radio host/comedian does a phone tap. I couldn’t stop laughing!

What I’m thinking –

Rohan wrote something on his blog about Tony Hsieh, the co-founder of Zappos.com, who passed away a few days ago. He was a great leader and one I look up to! Here is part of the post:

Tony Hsieh, the co-founder of Zappos.com, passed away a few days ago.

Fittingly, there was a lot of appreciation for all he brought to the world. Hsieh built a very unique customer and people centric culture at Zappos before it was sold to Amazon. He shared his approach in his lovely book – “Delivering Happiness.” And, after the Zappos sale, he also spent a lot of his time and energy attempting to revitalize the Las Vegas downtown.

A few days later, it emerged that he had been on a self destructive loop in the past months with far too much alcohol and drugs. The Forbes article detailing this is a sobering read.

I was reminded of three things at once.

First, COVID-19 has made 2020 a particularly difficult year for our collective mental and emotional wellbeing. In Tony Hsieh’s case, these challenges severely exacerbated existing problems and ultimately proved fatal. But, for those of us who know of friends and family who’re having mental health issues, let’s encourage them to get help and be as supportive as possible.

Second, Tony Hsieh became a hero for many after he wrote “Delivering Happiness.” I loved that book and thought of him as an enlightened leader after reading that book. But, as he wisely noted in the book – “Things are neither as good or as bad as they seem.” So true.

Finally, I was reminded of Dave Winer’s excellent blog post – “Your human-size life.” – it is one I think about from time to time. And, it is where my mind went after I read the final chapter of Tony Hsieh’s story.

Quote I’m pondering –

“Happiness is not overrated. When you luck into some, enjoy every minute of it.”

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Have a wonderful weekend, all.

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