Some roadblocks can’t be eliminated.

This morning when I woke up I was thinking, as I tend to do, for the first few minutes (usually I say 1 or 2 things I’m grateful for, or like this morning, I think about what I’m doing that day).

I had a realization about something that I have been struggling and fighting with, in all my relationship (spouse, friendship, parenting,…).
Every time I hit a road block, I tend to concentrate my energy in removing that road block. I spend to much time in finding ways I can eliminate that constraint because I don’t want future stress, frustration or disappointment. It’s a way to keep my future self, safe and in comfort.

I rarely find ways to go over, under, or around the road block.

I thought about this because some roadblocks can’t be eliminated, they are always going to be there.
Kudos to me for finally figuring this out, now the hard part comes: to put this into practice, to actually do it!

Cheers to the never ending journey of making ourselves better!