“No problem” is a problem

I live under the illusion that not having problems is how life is supposed to be. I want to go to bed knowing that my family and friends are happy and healthy, I want to wake up feeling energized and ready to take on the day, I want to have a clear calendar so I can do things that I enjoy doing like reading, listening to podcasts, walking, talking to friends, writing,… I want to go through the day with a clear mind and no bad thoughts of any kind, I want to feel safe and to know that I’m loved and adored by my family and my friends,…

I just described what I think would be a perfect day for me, and I have no idea if it would, since I have never had a day like that. I realize that having a day like that might bring happiness and joy but waiting to have a perfect day for me to be happy and joyful is insane, having a perfect day isn’t the destiny, it’s not something to strive for and maybe one day to reach; but the destiny is in the pursuit.
I should strive for happiness and joy while working towards what I think is a perfect day.

Cheers to this amazing journey!