I don’t care until I know how much you care

Making mistakes is not a bug, it’s a feature that we, as humans, all have. Although striving for not making the same mistake twice is a worth while goal, but it’s interesting to see how people expect others to not make mistakes, to be on your A game all the time, to not have those moments where you don’t know what’s happening inside of you. I see these expectations especially at work where some managers expect you to come to work and always be ready to give your all, hit your numbers, be energetic and smile while you’re at it and they expect this, every single day, all, the, time!

It’s worth to take a step back and remember that we are not machines, that we are humans, that we have a different history, we don’t want the same thing, we are not motivated by the same things, that there are days where you not only don’t feel like yourself but you also have no idea that it’s happening or why you feel like that, and frankly we don’t care about what the manager say until we know how much they care about us (as humans).