How was your day?

A couple of days ago I came home and started doing my usual routine. Going straight to the bedroom, put down my book bag, and change my clothes, then my son came and sat right next to me and he asked me, “dad, how was your day?”. I told him how work was, and what I was working on and after sitting there and listening, he asked me; “so dad, how was work?”. That’s when I noticed I had the same answer for the second question as I did for the first.

This made me think that I could have a bad day at work but have a great day in general, what would happen usually is, if I had a bad day at work, it would follow me throughout the day and I would be in a bad mood all day or since work is a big part of my day, I would get home exhausted and just go to bed or do other things but not be presently there, but now It is on me to make sure I have something to answer when someone asks me how my day was that’s different than how my work was. Thanks to Evaan for making me think about this!