Ideal Team Player

This morning I started reading Patrick Lencioni’s book, The Ideal Team Player: A Leadership Fable about the Three Essential Virtues. It is a wonderful book that everyone who works in a team, wants to work in a team, or leads a team will be glad to read.
Coincidentally, I scrolled through my LinkedIn and I saw someone named Dallin Harmon posted a beautiful summary of the three virtues, and I thought I will share it with you.

Here is a summary of the three essential virtues to be an ideal team player:

  1. Virtue #1 – Humble
    Don’t brag or show excessive pride in achievements. Recognized without begging for more attention. Remove themselves from being the center point of the conversation. Look for opportunities to recognize the accomplishments of others. Think with a group mentality when it comes to success.
  2. Virtue #2 – Hungry
    Aspire to be the best at all they do. Ask how they can improve and develop. Seek mentorship and learning opportunities. Aren’t simply content with their past successes. Establish a culture of taking the lead without being asked to. They contribute and detest the idea of disappointing the group.
  3. Virtue #3 – Smart
    Use common sense. Focus on enhancing their emotional intelligence. Embrace a growth mentality and look for ways to learn new things. Show social and self-awareness when engaging with others. Consider how their actions, words, and behaviors affect the group. Seek to influence others for the better instead of yearning for power.