The voice inside your head

The voice inside your head. The one that doubts you before you take a leap, the one that talks to you before you ask her out, before you do an interview, …

Pay attention to what it says to you! (what you say to yourself)

When you do something good (Feed a hungry kid): “that was a good thing buddy!”

When you do something terrible or get rejected (when you ask her out and she says no): “what was I thinking, she is out of my league anyways, did I ever think she would say yes? Nice try buddy! What is wrong with me anyways, why do I keep getting rejected, last week my interview didn’t go so well, and I wonder why no one wants me! Do I smell bad, was it my jokes, is it my hair, oh maybe it’s my clothes, …”

This is me!

A lot of work to do.

As psychologist Angela Duckworth says, the first thing to do when you’re going through this spiral is to notice what is happening and be aware of what you’re telling yourself. That’s the first step.

Cheers to this insight, and to the work it comes with!

PS: Studies have shown that there are people who don’t have an inner voice, who can’t talk to themselves. I wonder what my life would look like if I didn’t have one. (or theirs if they had one). Would it be life as usual or would something good or bad happen to me and just move on to the next without giving it many thoughts… I wonder.