Frank’s Blog : What’s the lesson here ?

Next time you’re in a situation where you feel frustrated, mad, or moody; try asking yourself this question :

What’s this situation teaching me ?

A very simple question but very powerful. It changes the lens, through which you look at the world.

Frank’s Blog : Sometimes things don’t go as planned

I have found that it’s not much about what we look at, it’s more about how we look at it.

Why do people get frustrated when flights are delayed ?

Why do we fuss when someone is not on time?

What’s wrong with traffic jam or a red light at a traffic light?

This is our reality.

I would rather get to my destination safely than having the plane take off when it’s not safe to do so.

I would rather get to my appointment early and hope the other person does too, after all, hoping is all I can do.

The only thing you can do, is plan for these inconveniences, that way they are not a surprise.

Frank’s Blog : Stop being afraid of losing things you didn’t have in the first place

Why does it matter if you try your best at getting something and you don’t get it ? It shouldn’t matter at all.

And the reason is this : you tried to get something you want. After trying , you don’t have it. So you didn’t lose anything.

Let’s say you want to start a company. And 2 years later, your company fails and you close it. No reason to dwell on it because before you didn’t have a company and now, you don’t have a company.

All you have is the lesson learned through the process you went through. And I would bet on you this time to start an other company, than I would’ve the first time around.

Frank’s Blog : Read at least one book a month

If I told you, go read this book and at the end of it, you will receive money. Let’s say a million dollars. Pretty sure you will read that book cover to cover, I would. Because where I come from that’s a lot of money.

Most people don’t like reading books, or so they think, because they eyes are on the process instead of the outcome.

Yes, some of us don’t like reading but you can never dislike something you have never tried out.

Read one book a month, written by the best, in areas you want to improve, for at least a year. Compare the old you to the new you and if reading is really not worth much to you then, it’s really not worth it.

Frank’s Blog : There is always the hard part

There is always going to be a hard part in whatever we are doing that’s worth while doing. We often just get started and never bother to ask what’s hard about this new thing I’m starting?

Because when you know what’s really hard, you know how to get through it because you already knew it was coming.

Most of us stop our projects because we got to the hard part.

Know the hard part before starting any project, because yes, it is going to be there. And learn how to navigate through it.

Frank’s Blog : Get new information

People change their situation by getting new information. Because what they know got them where they are.

If you want to get in a place you’ve never been before, you need to learn something you don’t know today.

Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result, is the definition of insanity.

So read a book, have a cup of coffee with someone you wish to be, watch a Ted-talk, listen to a podcast,…

Get new information!

Frank’s Blog : What has to be true?

This question helped me quite a bit in achieving some of my goals. It’s a simple but powerful question.

Write down your goals, and for every goal ask yourself what has to be true for me to achieve this goal? And go do that.

Simple but powerful.