Frank’s Blog : Get new information

People change their situation by getting new information. Because what they know got them where they are.

If you want to get in a place you’ve never been before, you need to learn something you don’t know today.

Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result, is the definition of insanity.

So read a book, have a cup of coffee with someone you wish to be, watch a Ted-talk, listen to a podcast,…

Get new information!

Frank’s Blog : What has to be true?

This question helped me quite a bit in achieving some of my goals. It’s a simple but powerful question.

Write down your goals, and for every goal ask yourself what has to be true for me to achieve this goal? And go do that.

Simple but powerful.

Frank’s Blog : Take time to reflect

In the midst of daily activities, we often forget that being busy is far less productive than taking your time and concentrating on what we do best.

Running around all day, makes us feel important, it’s not boring, it makes the day go fast, but that’s not what we’re after!

We should be finding time in our day where there is nothing to do except being bored, where we reflect on what has been happening in our life.

Maybe you got a business and you need to work on the business not just in the business, maybe you are raising kids and you need to look far on where they are headed, whatever you are doing right now, you need time to reflect not only on the past but also on the desired future.

Frank’s Blog : Shun those voices

Lately I have struggled with letting go of the voice in my head. I caught myself believing the bad conversations I was having with myself.

That voice that tells you, you’re not good enough, you will never make it, those people don’t like you,…

And I just remembered Jim Rohn saying this : If you wish to be liked by everyone, go hide in a corner and make sure no one notices you. But if you wish to do great things, be prepared to make few enemies along the way.

So the voices are legit and true. It’s wether I want to listen to them or shun them.